I’m happy for all of my friends who are married with families but I can’t help but feel like sometimes life is passing me by.⁣⁣ I want to get better at not feeling like my life isn’t worthwhile, simply because I’m not attached to a man.⁣⁣
Do you feel this way? I see you, understand you and I made my "Single You" coaching program specifically for you. 

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My name is Reka Robinson and I am...

Inspiration for single women!

The Single Girls Life Coach & Motivational Speaker.

I coach women, young women and teens through the negative emotions of being single.

I help that woman or girl find herself by guiding her down the process of designing her life. She will then put herself first, never lowering her standards again.

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Consider me your homegirl in your head xo


I am passionate about telling my story to inspire and empower women. Especially single women!

"As a single woman, I wanted to say thank you for reminding me to remind myself of my worth. You are so inspiring" - Carisa

A woman who knows she is worthy regardless of her relationship status, lives her life with confidence. That woman knows that singleness is not a punishment!

- Reka