My Purpose

I do this to possibly turn the light back on for YOU girl! At the end of the day my job comes down to: my platform and that connection with YOU! If I can show YOU that you can do life solo - HAPPY - then I can possibly inspire YOU to understand your singleness is NOT a punishment. I will continue to share and show YOU that we are the same. I was dumb over a boy too, it wrecked my world, my confidence was shot but guess what, I dusted myself off and tried again. The traveling I do, the solo activities I do and honestly everything I do in my life is all for the sake of ME. Society, a boy, THEM telling me I'm too picky, will never run me again. Truth be told, I got into horrible relationships because I put my standards on the floor after being told I was too picky over and over again! A mistake that will NEVER be made again. I hope you find encouragement in my blog girl!

"If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging... " - Romans 12:8

I've been in radio for over 13+ years and radio has given life an avenue to teach me a lot about the connections you have with people and I will be forever in its (radio) debt. I’m now on a mission; to be a light for women. To encourage. To be a positive example. To share my story and to show my strength despite my weaknesses. To allow God to use me. There is always someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through and if you know that, you will feel less alone in this world. Loneliness is really about lack of connection and inspiration. I’m happy to be a bridge to that connection!

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