Styling with curly bangs

PRESS PLAY -- you are always asking me 'what are you using in your hair' and/or 'how do you style it' -- welp here YOU go! I got you girl. This is how I'm stying my hair now-a-days with my curly bangs xo

BANGS part 2 + rounding cut

I love my curls and I'm 1.5 years in - going 'natural' + over 8 years of no relaxer. I'm sooooo proud of myself. Now that my hair is curly, I'm looking for a shape that I like. Before bangs and when my hair was 'as is' - it was very weighed down. I had random long (curly) strands and although I love my curls - I didn't like the shape.   

So, Des and I are playing around with what will work for me!

No bangs to bangs!

BANG bang - PRESS PLAY!! I finally did it -- got the bangs I've been wanting. I love them. Now it's time to work on the 'round' shape that I want. Video to come xo

How I use a diffuser

I normally let my hair air dry, I personally think that is the best way for my hair to stay as healthy as possible. Plus when I let my hair air dry my curls are fuller and last longer. On this particular day I needed my hair dry asap and I thought that I would showcase how I do that, just for you! Ps. a diffuser as you see is a fancy blow dryer for curly hair xo

How I sleep with curly hair

Got asked 'how do you wrap it at night'. Now I don't wrap my curls, that's something I do when my hair is straight. I sleep with a 'pineapple' on top of my head at night as you'll see here. You should be able to find this type of hair clip at any hair store. I found them at a salon in Atlanta. I hope this helps! In the morning I shower with my hair down (I do not get it wet) but the condensation of the water helps it lay my hair down. I will use a spray bottle for my edges if I feel I need to xo

fav hair routine

Unless I have a new product to use or try out because someone said it's amazing, this is what I do to my hair! I always get great results with the Deva-Curl styling cream. In this video you'll see me go from wash day to day 2 curls. I can usually get great 3-4 day curls out of this routine! xo

Curly to straight

Good conditioned hair, some argan oil and a very hot flat iron and I can achieve a solan straight look at home! xo

back to my natural color

Deseree (hair stylist) is my GIRL and she got to be the one to straighten my hair after a whole year of no heat and I was SHOCKED with how long it was! Curl shrinkage is a REAL thing. Des -- colored my hair back to my natural color -- used a keratin treatment, then flat ironed it and trimmed about .5 inches off my ends. I couldn't be more happier! xo