All events call for custom speeches but here is a list of my most common subjects:

Topics for single women and teen girls.

  • The $10K Boyfriend.
  • How To Make Sure You're Always Your Mirror.
  • Singleness Is Not A Punishment.
  • How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life.

*Some topics can be keynotes and/or workshops!


Getting The Life You Want

Why is it so hard to be great? 


To get the life you want?

In this speech, I outline the battles I had to fight to climb out of debt, start a business and create the life I wanted! 

I will give you 4 tips on how to overcome the 3 struggles I believe you'll encounter. Mindset is the road to greatness, success and to creating the life you want!

Reka, just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for speaking today. It personally resonated with me quite a bit for my personal and professional life. I so appreciate what you're doing. 

- Brian, Linkup2us member

Martin Luther King Jr's Impact

It is a pleasure and an honor to get to speak about my ancestors in front of teens! Black History is American History and it's important that we all know that. 

This speech is an education on the impact of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement around the world and right here in the Tri Cities (WA).

Our staff was extremely impressed with your presentation and wanted you to know they greatly appreciated it! You were able to hold the attention of 1400 middle schoolers, something no one has been able to do all year!   You are an amazing speaker and I appreciated your presentation!   

- Maria Bice, McLoughlin middle school Teacher

How To Make Sure You're Always Your Mirror

In this powerful talk I share my story of overcoming an abusive relationship in hopes to steer women away from getting into just any relationship but the right relationship. I give women tips on how to make sure you're living the life you want, full of peace, joy, and happiness. Regardless of your relationship status!

I ask women to close their eyes, imagine a world where she knows her value. Imagine a world where you hold men to a higher standard, essentially raising our society entirely.

Reka is dynamic and can effectively engage large numbers of students, allowing them to experience sadness, happiness, and laughter all while conveying the important message of taking back control of one’s social media life.

 - Sara Davis, Director of sales

Social Media “what path are we pathing”⁣

⁣I call it “How social media is destroying your life”.⁣

⁣Social media is linked to self imposed anxiety, depression and ‘fomo’. (Fear of missing out)⁣

So how do you navigate that?⁣

⁣In this powerful talk: my intention is 3 things...

1. Show you literal statistics.

⁣2. Share my story in hopes to help you see, you’re a human and this can happen to you.⁣

3. Give you tangible tools on how to diminish the anxiety you’re causing on yourself via social me.


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