My "Single You" program is an intensive online workshop for you.

The primary purpose of ‘Single You’ is to guide you down a path to designing your life and to encourage you to be the authority of yourself. As you begin to design your life, you will gain confidence and learn you are worthy regardless of your relationship status. 

You will be encouraged to focus on yourself first, for at least a year and then, if you choose to date, you'll date with confidence! 

My program starts with re-evaluating your priorities. You'll discover why you keep getting into dysfunctional relationships, why you can't achieve your goals, how to achieve those goals and more.

You will discover that you can live a full life with happiness and purpose, single. Having a man doesn't complete you... Jerry McGuire lied (movie).

"Single You" will give you the tools to know the difference between a dysfunctional relationship and a healthy one, the tools to discover what you truly want out of life and how to execute it!

The next "Single You" online workshop starts once you sign up.

I want you to know that you are worthy regardless of your relationship status! 

You have two options right now:

1. Sign up for "Single You" immediately by clicking the "start single you now" below. 

2. Fill out the form below to gather more information. You will receive an email.

However, if you have any questions my email is open to you. 

Consider me your homegirl in your head!



The Single Girls Life Coach 💕🍷

Ask questions first!

"Want to change your life? You have to change your actions"

A woman who designs her life can get and be anything she wants! She knows that a life upgrade doesn't come from the man. It's with-in her.

- Reka