All events call for custom speeches but here is a list of my most common subjects:

Design your life, save your life series

Topics for single women

  • How To Make Sure You're Always Your Mirror. Not society. Not family. Just you! (click here for a snippet)

Topics for teen girls

  • How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life (click here for a snippet)

Topics for women

  • 4 Tips To Getting The Life You Want
  • 3 Things That Hinder Entrepreneurs. (click here for a snippet)

**All topics can be keynotes and/or workshops!


My message for single women

How To Make Sure You're Always Your Mirror. Not society. Not family. Just you!

Everyone else is getting married, having kids and building their American dream right? Wrong. 

It's hard to become what you don't see. Growing up I never saw a woman in her 30's without kids or a 'man' which unfortunately negatively impacted me.

So as a woman without kids, not married and in my 30's, there was a time all of the above got to me.  It wasn't until I finally started taking control of my own life and stopped looking at others that I found peace within myself. 

In this powerful talk, I ask women to close their eyes, imagine a world where she knows her value. Imagine a world where you hold men to a higher standard, essentially raising our society entirely.

I share my story of overcoming an abusive relationship in hopes to steer women away from getting into just any relationship but the right relationship. I give women tips on how to make sure you're living the life you want, full of peace, joy, and happiness. Regardless of your relationship status!

Imagine yourself as powerful as Wonder Woman! As powerful as a Queen! As powerful as YOU need and can be to get through the day and even your life! 

"I love Reka. I really connected with her talk and I didn’t think I was going to because I'm not a single woman." - anonymous 

My message for teen girls

How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life

Social media is a tool that can cause high levels of anxiety, bullying, depression, poor sleep habits, 'FOMO' and more. Statistically we know this is true but we can also see the affects of social media happening in our schools, neighborhoods, and families. The rise of social media has caused us to go into a life of panic. So, how do you stop it? How do you navigate through the waters of social media? How do you not become a victim?

In this powerful talk, I use my story and teach teens the importance of taking time away from social media, how to handle anxiety caused by social media and how to not become a victim to sexual predators. I also share my story of how I dealt with anxiety caused by social media and give the exact tools and strategies that I use!


Now is the best time to start being the authority of your own life and it's time to stop looking at social media as a window to what you're 'missing out on'.

"I can totally see how this process can be life changing. You asked the hard questions and made me re-evaluate me and what I want" - Jessica

My message for women!

4 Tips To Getting The Life You Want

*Also called: 3 Things That Hinder Entrepreneurs

 Why is it so hard to be great? Successful? To get the life you want?

In this powerful message, I outline the battles I had to fight to climb out of debt, start a business and create the life I wanted!

There are 3 things you'll have to overcome that are human nature. You can override those 3 things by tapping into your authority. 

I will give attendees 4 tips on how to overcome the 3 struggles as well as define the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. 

Mindset is the road to greatness, success and to creating the life you want!

“Reka. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for speaking today. It personally resonated with me quite a bit for my personal and professional life.” - Brian

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