How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life


I also wish to comment on your presentation at the Women In Business 2020 and how we look on Social Media. The information was liberating! It communicated as one does with a good friendship. One that allows space for the word no, and maintains boundaries without offense. People and especially teens need to understand and appreciate this. GREAT job! 

- Deborah, DVS

⁣Social media is linked to self imposed anxiety, depression and ‘fomo’. (Fear of missing out)⁣

In this powerful presentation, I use my story and professional experience to teach teens the importance of taking time away from social media, how to handle anxiety caused by social media and how to not become a victim to sexual predators.

"I had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Reka on social media and how it relates to mental health. She is an engaging speaker you don't want to look away from who brings her real-life experience to the table. You can tell she's real and you almost feel like you get to know her in a short amount of time. Her research is well-done and perfectly embodies what teens should be looking out for in this busy world of 24/7 social media. I know I won't be waking and scrolling anymore!"

 - Tracci Dial, KNDU

I overcame an abusive relationship and the thought that I wasn’t worthy enough for what I actually wanted. ⁣

⁣In this message you'll see that ⁣I learned a lot about myself inside that relationship, that I'll share with you in hopes that you discover more of who you are. What God says about you and what you actually want out of life. ⁣No man, no boy, no one, gets to determine your worth but you. 

There was just a lot I didn’t know, now I know. And as Maya Angelou says, “when you learn, teach”. ⁣

Reka did such an amazing job speaking at Bloom! She was very intriguing to listen to and filled the room with such positive energy! I wish she could have spoken for much longer! Her story is so inspiring and she gave me a ton of great information to use now and into my future! 

- Kylie, 19 ⁣