My name is Reka Robinson and I am a...

Motivational Speaker & The Single Girls Life Coach.

"I’m happy for all of my friends who are married with families but I feel like sometimes life is passing me by”. - You

"As a single woman, I wanted to say thank you for reminding me to remind myself of my worth. You are so inspiring" - Carisa, Richland WA

How To Make Sure You're Always Your Mirror

In this powerful talk I share my story of overcoming an abusive relationship in hopes to steer women away from getting into just any relationship but the right relationship. I give women tips on how to make sure you're living the life you want, full of peace, joy, and happiness. Regardless of your relationship status!

I ask women to close their eyes, imagine a world where she knows her value. Imagine a world where you hold men to a higher standard, essentially raising our society entirely.

My Mission;

To be a light for women.

To encourage.

To be a positive example.

To share my story.

To show strength despite my weaknesses. 

To allow God to use me.

   In doing so I hope to inspire women to take control of their life. I want the women I come in contact with, in person or online to know that she is worthy regardless of her relationship status. 

Life as a single women can still be full of love and joy! As long as you take the time to design it!


A woman who knows she is worthy regardless of her relationship status, lives her life with confidence. 

- Reka

You believe you have no purpose outside of a man or kids.

I know you've said that before or at least felt it because I have.

You do-- have a purpose

You will not die if you don’t have a man. What you focus on matters. So, you feel that way because you’re focused on what’s going on around you. You have a lane, stay in it. It's about your goals, getting them on paper and putting action to them to create your best life. Sometimes you need a coach for that. 

Hi, I'm Reka, Your Life Coach.