"I’m happy for all of my friends who are married with families but I feel like sometimes life is passing me by” --- it’s not.

I know you've said that before or at least felt it. 

You feel that way because you believe you have no purpose outside of a man or kids. --You do. 

You will not die if you don’t have a man.  What you focus on matters. So, you feel that way because you’re focused on what’s going on around you. You have a lane, stay in it. It's about your goals, getting them on paper and putting action to them to create your best life. Sometimes you need a coach for that. 

Hi, I'm Reka, Your Life Coach. 

The Singleness Is Not A Punishment Workshop is open.

Let's get you focused on-- knowing you are worthy regardless of your relationship status.

Coming this fall

The Singleness Is Not A Punishment Workshop

You're waiting for a man to make you happy when in fact happiness comes from you. 

You've heard of a self-awareness journey and you have no idea how to start one. 

Being single overwhelms you? 

Insert me because girl, I want to guide you to being confidently single so that your loneliness isn't the driveway to lowering your standards (ever again) just to be with a man. You are worthy regardless of your relationship status. Do you want to believe that? Do you want to feel that? I'm your girl, I can guide you, consider me your homegirl in your head. I'm in the business of helping women, like you adjust their crown!

Imagine dating with confidence not waiting to be picked by any man. Imagine only allowing the type of man that you want to date, date you - newsflash honey - he does exist. Imagine not letting society decide for you.

I’ve been in that abusive relationship, I’ve tried to fix a man (embarrassingly a few times) and I even, finally had the “one” but he woke up on Christmas Eve (2018) and told me I wasn’t “her” anymore. So he left stating: “I had it too together”. I know… I know… girl! The curse of being a successful woman and men hating that sometimes seems to be real. However, I'm totally fine with that... now. I no longer make myself small for men.

If you’re here, I’m willing to bet it’s because YOU and I (YouReka) are just alike.

This workshop is for YOU, if:

1. You've been feeling lost for a very long time

2. You have a lack of self-confidence and need help in building up your self-awareness

3. You don’t understand what a self-awareness journey looks like or even how to start one

4. You need new tools to be at peace with yourself and finding your path

5. You want to learn how to live single and feel completely fine

The Singleness Is Not A Punishment Workshop helps you navigate through all of the above so you will no longer feel lost. We will use your past to help you pinpoint why you keep getting into dysfunctional relationships. We will use your present to discover who you really are (self-awareness). Your future self to help you set goals which will help you feel complete.

Top 3 things you will learn in this workshop

  • How to have a better relationship with YOURself. Like what does self care? Self-awareness? Self-love? Mean anyway... I got you girl!
  • How to take responsibility for your life. You can actually create the life you want that has nothing to do with your relationship status. 
  • How to set up boundaries around your life that will set you up for greatness. There is no perfect life or relationship but the striving for is sexy!

Self-Awareness is your Superpower and it's always better to work on yourself first before you start dating (again). By now, you've realized that this workshop is for you...

Yes YOU if you’ve ever felt so left behind as a woman. Like something must be wrong with you because 

“You can’t keep a man” + "Am I supposed to have kids or not..." + "The clock is ticking..." + "Am I less of a woman without being married? Not having kids?"

Sh-t! I know I use to ask all the above questions. Listen Society puts that pressure on us but frankly thinking about what society wants us to be magnifies that pressure. 

We have got to STOP thinking about what “they” want from us. Or where we’re supposed to be in life because “I’m a woman”. 

I’ve been there, I’ve had those thoughts and now that I’ve learned WHO I AM and WHO I WANT to be, I’m teaching because "when you learn, teach" (Maya Angelou).

Will it be YOU?



The Singleness Is Not A Punishment Workshop

The workshop begins on September 21st 2019 @ 10a PDT!

$3000 💡ask how you can receive a discount | Reka@justmeReka.com

"We as women have to stop weighing the one or two good things about a man HEAVIER than the RED FLAG in our face" - Reka

About the workshop

What You Will Receive

  • 10 weeks which includes 10 Modules W/Worksheets (Lifetime Access)
  • [ 5 weekly - 1 hour ] Group Zoom Conference Calls (Video)
  • [ 5 weekly - 1 hour ] One On One Zoom Conference Calls (Video)
  • Entry Into Private Facebook Group
  • “Don’t Date That Guy” E-Book (Downloadable)
  • Text/Voice Support (Don't Text Him, Text Reka)
  • Email support 
  • Access to bonus materials when available

Limited Spots Available

Listen I know it’s hard to see all your friends getting married and having babies. 

It’s hard not to want what everyone else has. Your loneliness drives you crazy and unfortunately will drive you right to dysfunctional boulevard.

Being single can be extremely overwhelming. I can help you with that!

Girl, I can't wait to work with you!

"Most single people don't live, they wait" - TD Jakes

Workshop Modules

  • Module 1: Who Are You? Who Do You Want To Be? 
  • Module 2: Where Are You? How You’re Programmed 
  • Module 3: Why Are You Dating? ‘The list’ (Boundaries)
  • Module 4: SMART Goals + Where Do You Want To Be Jan. 1, 2020 
  • Module 5: Let’s Talk About Sex 
  • Module 6: Signs He May Be An Abusive Man
  • Module 7: Would You Date This Guy? (Scenario Test) + Lies About Men 
  • Module 8: No One Celebrates The Single Girl 
  • Module 9: What’s Wrong With Being Lonely? (Tips On How To Handle Emotions) 
  • Module 10: Sis, Don’t Be This Girl + The Dating Blueprint

If you don't start to work on yourself today, when will you start?

Terms and Conditions

This WorkShop beings on September 21, 2019 at 10a PDT


Most men don't deserve you!

Why I do this!

That abusive relationship I was talking about earlier... I remember when he told me “you have hoe-tendencies” and it felt like, he felt like he had to ’teach me’. At that moment in my life I was naive enough to ‘learn’ from him. 

Things I thought when he said that to me:

Well, first let me tell you ‘why’ he said it. Picture a two bedroom house and you're dating a man who has a roommate. The man you’re dating is leeching off his successful roommate because he’s ‘looking’ for a job. The morning he said this, I went to take a shower, at that moment everyone was downstairs. After my shower, I put a towel around me and walked out of the bathroom to my boyfriend's room. When I turned the corner to go into his room, they were at the top of the stairs talking, so they both saw me. I didn’t think anything of it and went into the room to dry off and get dressed. He came in 30 seconds behind me - I won’t bore you the details but he went on and on about how I was wrong for walking around in front of his boy with a towel on, how I must like his friend, and that is when he said it ‘you have hoe-tendencies’.

Yea, I know I should have left him. If I were to tell you our 2-year relationship in detail, you'd see that I should've left him a week into our relationship.

So, what did I think: I thought maybe other girls wouldn’t do anything so stupid AND I wanted to prove to him I was a good woman.

Why did I stay?

Here are the top 4 (not so smart) reasons:

  • He checked the box of FINE!
  • I felt sorry for him (he had a sob story childhood - I didn’t)
  • Embarrassed! I mean, I'd already posted him on social media, talked about him on my (radio) show and everyone knew we were dating. I was already frolicking around like this was the best relationship. Surely I had to make it work because everyone was watching.  
  • MY MINDSET- I didn't think that I was a successful woman (I was), therefore subconsciously I thought "why would a successful man date me". I thought very negatively of myself because I wasn't where I wanted to be in life... yet! Therefore I dated unsuccessful men. 

Unsuccessful men have fragile egos, so they will either: 1. Abuse you   2. Run   3. Both

He broke up with me in June of 2017, and that was the moment I become a track star. You know the moment in a track meet where the official shoots the gun and the runners run? Yea, his ‘we gotta break up’ was my gunshot and at that moment I ran for my life, I was Lolo Jones. I cried... but I ran.

I never looked back and I’m so happy God released me from him.

A self-awareness spider bit me and that’s when my superpower was planted… I am Wonder Woman and I’m here to inspire ALL women (you) to find happiness within their self BEFORE they get into their next relationship… JUST like I did. I started asking myself questions, i.e.:

  • How did I get here?
  • Who do I say I am?
  • Who does God say I am?
  • Who do I want to be?

So, yep! I dusted myself off and added it as more fuel to my fire to help women just like, YOU! If you’re in need of someone to relate to, in need of inspiration, in need of a mindset change, I GOT YOU! 

Now, if you’re here to tell me that I’m dumb for getting into these types of relationships; This workshop isn’t for you. If you’re not ready to work on yourself, not ready to be honest with yourself; This workshop is not for you.

" I'm single and I don't feel punished. So, the next guy who is allowed to date me will check all the boxes that I require a man to have... "

Where do you want to be Jan. 1, 2020

On 1/1/2020 are you the girl who is crying on her couch because that relationship you wanted so badly with that man ended… you thought he was the one didn’t you? 

Now you’re asking yourself, why can’t I keep a man? All my friends have one.

The woman YOU can be on 1/1/2020 is a woman who is in Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta and maybe even Rio celebrating the ball dropping. Living the adventure, watching the fireworks, with a glittery silver dress on and pink shoes. With your flats ready to pull out of your bag of course because us girls are always prepared! You’re having a good time and you’re thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner?

So on Jan 1, 2020 - do you want to be girl #1 or girl #2. I can help you create girl #2.

Sis, Just having a man doesn't upgrade your life... YOU do.

You’re an extremely caring woman, you want the man you date to succeed. However I bet you desire a man who deserves your good heart. 


I had to realize that I had say-so, in the men that I date and I want the next man to feel special to be with me! Don't you?

I’m single and I don’t feel punished, the next guy who is allowed to date me (humbly said) will check all the boxes that I require in a man.

What do you want in a man? Let’s get those boundaries together girl. Let’s get your list together.

Pick your head up, put your crown on, you are worthy regardless of your relationship status and most men don’t deserve you. You have it way too together girl. You can never again push the car up the hill by yourself and the man you're dating is in the passenger seat sleep.  

Now, go and tell your girlfriends to signup as well. It would be fun if you two or three could go on a similar journey together. A journey is separate but it's always fun to have someone riding along side with you. 

However all you need is me, I'm your homegirl in your head and I look forward to working with you and your girlfriends or just ...YOU!

This workshop is for YOU, if you've asked yourself the following questions:

  • How do I keep getting into the revolving door of dysfunctional relationships? 
  • Dating men with different names but they end up being the same guy?
  • Putting my all emotionally and financially into a guy who ends up leaving me?
  • How did I end up in that abusive relationship?

Have you ever asked yourself the above questions?

I have so - no judgment and my answer: 

I’m a nurturer and I’m friendly, I deserve my next relationship to be a healthy one and not for men to take advantage of that. I now know my worth and since then, I’ve gotten off the - fixing a man - train and I’d love to show you how you can too girl.

I know you are successful in your life, your career is poppin but you need some guidance in knowing your worth when it comes to men. 

Self-Awareness what does that mean? What does a Self-Awareness journey look like? I got you, consider me your home girl in your head!

I am a Life Coach and I help women, like you discover what Self-Awareness/Self-Love actually looks like, so that you can see you are worthy regardless of your relationship status.

The Singleness Is Not A Punishment Workshop helps you navigate through your life, using your past to help you pinpoint why you keep getting into dysfunctional relationships. We will use your present to discover who you really are and your future self to help you set goals.

Sis, your life doesn’t start once you get the man. Can I show you what that means? Can I Show you my journey?


If you have any questions feel free to email me at Reka@justmeReka.com xo

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” - Jim Rohn

What she's saying about my workshop

It’s all clicking and making sense. I think these modules really boost my confidence and help me know I’m not alone. There are lots of women out there that lower their standards and doing exactly what I did. This year, now is a game changer. I’m sticking up for me.

- Jennifer

This workshop has been such an amazing guide to building my self-awareness. I have seen growth in my life that I have been striving for and was just having trouble finding the right vessel to help me to gain that growth. You are so amazing for providing us lucky women who are in your current workshop this opportunity to work on ourselves by guiding us along the way. I can not express enough how grateful I am to have met you and being able to learn and be guided by you through this amazing journey. I truly believe that God placed you in my life at the perfect time. I am so grateful for this opportunity and for you. You are an amazing person and have helped me start to realize I have an amazing person inside of me and that I do have a purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Kristin

I appreciate your workshop for helping me expose to the surface, instead of something just linger in my subconscious, what I've mentioned above. It's overwhelming to do things like this alone, so sometimes I put them off. I mean, I do the best I can on my own as to divulge to myself where I may be going wrong about something, but I think this workshop is in my life at present for a reason. It's meant to be and the timing is right. Thank you, Reka! 

- Alba

Singleness Is Not A Punishment and Self-Awareness is your Superpower

“Women have more power in dating than they realize but a lot of times they give it away to men. Hold on to that power. Evaluate. Make decisions. Even if you want to be in a relationship super bad, don’t allow your flesh and desire, to make you so desperate, that you lower your standards to the degree where you’re allowing men entry into your life …that really aren’t qualified” 

- Devon Franklin